Box Stallion Winery

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White selection

2009 Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony image
A moscato dessert wine. Luscious, sweet Muscat fruit characters with sweet syrupy palate with a good acid balance to offset the sweetness.
$20.00 each
Red selection

2010 Tempranillo

Tempranillo image
A powerful and complex wine, showing rich dark chocolate and plums in the nose, a palate of dark cherries, raspberries and toasty vanilla oak with medium to firm tannins and a savoury finish.
$30.00 each

2010 The Enclosure Pinot Noir

The Enclosure Pinot Noir image
The Mornington Peninsula is one of only a few areas in Australia suitable to produce fine Pinots. Rich black cherries and plums on the nose with a hint of mint, chary vanilla oak, and a savoury palate with a full body, makes our Pinot Noir very special.
$30.00 each

2010 Shiraz

Shiraz image
Deep red colour, intense berry aroma with plenty of white pepper. A palate loaded with plums, rich blackberries and toasty oak followed by a soft tannic finish.
$30.00 each

2010 Dolcetto

Dolcetto image
Brick red colour, smoky aroma with cherries, raspberries and dark chocolate. Liquorice and prunes on the palate with a long soft tannic finish.
$20.00 each