Mill About Vineyard

About us

Our vineyard in the picturesque Barossa Valley sits in the rich, red-brown deep alluvial soils of the valley floor near Williamstown, 395 m (1285 feet) above sea level. We manage the vineyard and make the wine ourselves – a team of husband and wife!

Grape growing and winemaking is a generations-long tradition in our families in Southern Europe. Coming to Australia in 1992, we brought with us our parents’ and grandparents’ knowledge and passion for making great “vino”.

When we bought the 28-acre property in 2006, the vineyard was in quite a neglected state. Luckily, it had about one acre each of healthy bush-vines Grenache, Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains and Sémillon. All are more than 80-years old.

We are gradually rejuvenating the old vines and planting new blocks – Mataro (aka Mourvedre) – another traditional Barossa Valley grapevine, and Saperavi – a hardy grape variety traditionally grown in Georgia.

The fully developed vineyard will total up to 8.5 acres.

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PO Box 990 Williamstown SA 5351

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